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Deca Engineering forAvailability formaintenance assistenza

Deca Engineering, a world leader in the production and manufacture of lines, automatic and semiautomatic machines for packaging, identifying and handling cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and other products.


The precision of our technicians aims for perfect work


Customer satisfaction is our priority

About Us

Our values

High professionalism of our technicians, led by the founders who have 20 years of accumulated experience around the world in the design, assembly, wiring, quality control, installation, and testing of high-tech equipment.

Availability for Availability formaintenance and worldwide assistance; adaptability and ability to manage teams of local workers.

Activities carried out using the procedures of the quality, pending the relevant certifications.

The passion is, however, the real driving force behind Deca: the passion for our work, the desire to learn every day and, above all, the pleasure we take in achieving our goal: customer satisfaction.

Our Products

Industry 4.0?
Our Products

Our machines and lines can meet the technical requirements of the Industry 4.0 Plan.

Productivity optimization
Remote assistance

Design and construction of automatic and semiautomatic lines and machines

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